Notre Amis

Merci à tous notre amis pour votre  gentilisse.

A very big thank you to all our friends and sponsors who do so much to help us- we would not be here without you.

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Un grand merci aux amis qui nous aident tous les jours

Beezer, Alan Waterman of; Philip & Sue Sleigh, Alison Donaldson, Catherine et Andrew Chambers, Susie Kelly, Jan & Mike Hallett, Billy & Isabelle Smythe, Evelyn & Francis Hicks, Christine  et Bernard Godfrey,  Alexandra Phillips,  Becca Rose,  Alexandra Ramalli,  Paul & Chrissie Sally, Gordon & Jocelyn Simms, Andrew Simpson, Fotos by Freddie, Sally Stanford, Caroline Matthews, Gill Paige, Teresa Hardy, Jackie Maude, Barbara  & Richard Sage, Catherine et Andrew Chambers, Charente Libre, etcetera, Living Magazine, The Connexion, The Bugle, Deux Sevres News, Deux Sevres Monthly et tous les amis sur Facebook et Twitter.

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