James Vance

Author, James R Vance has lived in the Limousin region of France for fifteen years. He has published eight novels and will be launching his latest historical fiction novel, The Housekeeper at the Charroux Literary Festival 2017.

He contributes to local newspapers and magazines and in 2014, he participated in a four-day spectacular at Bridiers in the Creuse department to mark the centenary commemoration of WWI—an acting role, as a poilu. He resumed a similar role in the 2015 centenary event to mark the end of WWII. Also during 2015, he participated in the first 3-day Charroux Literary Festival, running a workshop on ‘Structure in Writing Fiction’. He is a founder member of La Souterraine Writers’ Group, which has produced several published authors over the past years.


twitter: @jrvanceauthor

Scene Creation & Transition Workshop

for Charroux Literary Festival 2017

Outline of the workshop:

The use of visual description

 The application of peripheral observations

 The use of associated input

 The validation of accurate information

 The transition of imagination into words

 The workshop will consist of discussion, supported by visual aids / examples, and attendees will have the opportunity to practise scene creation with feedback.

There will be handouts covering the main points of the workshop.

James R. Vance


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