Mike Welham

Having been commissioned and published with mainstream publishers on topics of the Military, Law and Management, Mike decided to divert to a more to fiction. He created novels around factual incidents and life experiences with of his focal character Dan Pierce, a former French Foreign Legion sniper and now a mercenary.

Mike’s first thriller novel Death of a Scientist has been followed with WTC Building 7, The Fall of the European Empire and The Innocents.

In addition Thomas is a First World War story that steps back into the hero’s family history. In keeping with the family tree Oliver’s War is the latest edition.

Mike is best known for his books on Commander L. K. P. “Buster” Crabb, a British frogman who disappeared on a spying mission under a Russian warship in Portsmouth, England, in 1956. Co-authored with Jacqui Welham it is possibly the greatest British spy mystery, where the official record of events is being held secret until 2056 under the UK one-hundred-year secrecy rule.

It has culminated into three books, Frogman Spy (1990) and The Crabb Enigma (2010) and Crabb and the Grey Rabbit (2015)

Mike’s workshop:



Join me and explore a world where a controversial event can be challenged and transformed through the written word. It requires creative thinking and the need to explore the legal considerations when mixing fact with fiction to avoid issues such as libel and possible defamation. This is particularly important when considering the use of people’s names, places, company names, countries – they are the grey areas.

I hope this will be an interactive discussion because whilst I have my own experiences, do you have an idea for a story? This is the time to explore your possibilities and for me and my co-author Jacqui, to answer your questions where we can.

“The interactive discussion will be designed to fit into the time frame allocated.”

I will give away 50 copies of my novel Death of a Scientist at the Charroux event, first come – first served.

To set the scene:

A conspiracy is:

A secret plan to carry out an illegal or harmful act with political motivation to plot and the act of making such plans in secret.

A conspiracy theory is:

The belief that a government or a covert organisation is responsible for an unusual or unexplained event.