Diana Morgan-Hill

Friday Workshop with Stephanie Zia:

Diana and Stephanie will host a discussion/workshop entitled ‘From the Heart’ – based around meditation and its potential use to help all writers get to the ‘core’ or heart of their writing.

Thursday lunchtime talk: Diana will talk about her latest Novel, her background and her autobiographical story ‘Love and Justice.’

Diana Morgan Hill imagesLOVE & JUSTICE: A COMPELLING TRUE STORY OF TRIUMPH OVER TRAGEDY by Diana Morgan-Hill (Blackbird Digital Books, April 2015), is the true story of a young woman’s recovery, return to success, and search for love amidst fierce High Court battles with an uncaring corporation, told with heart and humour. At the age of 29, Diana fell under a London train and lost both of her legs. Once the threat of prosecution for trespass had been withdrawn, and whilst still adjusting to life without legs, Diana found herself in the midst of a lengthy legal battle for compensation and the truth. Her fight for justice took five years and was, she declares, a more harrowing experience than having both of her legs ‘stolen’ from her. As the Brazilian Paralympics draws closer, the issues of sexuality, disability and body image, portrayed in this first-hand account which focuses on her complicated love life and her court battle, will become increasingly relevant.

Diana Morgan-Hill And Buddha Love And Justice 2

Wheelchair Tennis athlete Diana was a finalist in Dancing on Wheels, the BBC spin off wheelchair version of Strictly Come Dancing. Diana wheelchair-danced her way through the London 2012 Paralympic Games Opening Ceremony and tangoed with Boris Johnson in front of County Hall. In 2003, as CEO of the Limbless Association, Diana was instrumental in helping Iraq war orphan and double arm amputee Ali Abbas, and other Iraqi children, by setting up the ALI Fund. She also launched the charity’s Help Bureau, Legal Panel and the Prosthetic and Orthotic Awards, which is still held every year. She was recently praised in the Press by Martine Wright, who lost both her legs in the 7/7 London bombings. Diana, raised in Wilmslow, Cheshire and now from Poole, Dorset, is a motivational speaker and has appeared on numerous UK TV and radio shows including BBC TV’s Breakfast Show, The One Show, LBC and BBC Radio Solent.

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